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About me DenHolmes my original aim was to display some of my photographic work to friends and family, I thought any one else that happened to stumble upon it might be counted as a bonus, but as this site is now growing and getting a lot more traffic from all over the world let me fully introduce myself.

My name is Dennis Holmes I live in the village of Rocester, Nr Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, UK. Born 1950 I have spent most of my life in Rocester (pronounced Row'ster)

This is my own personal website - every bit of it. I'm just one man who try's to take the best pictures his abilities and equipment allow,

I do try not to be fooled into thinking that the latest mega wega pixel thingy or the newest sharpest imaged stabilized optical device will make me a better photographer, I know it won't.

Cameras don't take pictures, photographers do, cameras are just the tool we use. All cameras, no matter how good or bad they are, can be used to create outstanding photographs for winning photo contests or even hanging in art galleries. The camera or lens has very little to do with the quality of images it can be used to produce.

  • That's me above taken in Tenerife 2007 by my wife Karen, still look the same now with abit less hair on top!

Read this site at your own risk there are probably pages with mistakes I have no proof-reader (only the wife) i'm one man and a computer, if you do spot something please point it out to me, let me know.

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