To change or not to change

That was a question I asked my self way back in August do I change my internet service provider, simple question you may think and so did I what could go wrong, not a lot I foolishly thought just a quick matter of trolling around the net for a good looking deal.

After all I have changed my Gas and Electricity suppliers numerous times in the past with out an hitch, just give them all the details and let them do all the work in the background.

Its got to be the same for my Internet connection surely?, Wrong Wrong Wrong very much wrong after sifting through all the available deals one seamed to stand out from the crowed for me, thats the one I thought “go for it”

A quick phone call and its job done.

Ho no its not, its actually taken more like 20 long phone calls and hours and hours of listening to rubbish music why some poorly trained operative does their best to frustrate you even more.

Its taken from the 26 August to today 5 November to get my new connection, it’s totally unbelievable the trouble I’ve had to go through you would not believe, I’ve been passed from department to department, operative to operative, cut off, had the promise to start my connection numerous times, I’ve provided them with three mac codes.

All failed until today I now have a new connection albeit not what i originally ordered but I have a connection and can you believe its more expensive than my previous supplier.

I have the promise they will change me over to the original package I ordered back in August soon, mmmmmmm

Thats Life.

PS. No I’m not going to tell there name on here but can you guess? pm me if you must know lol

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