Wow what a beautiful day it’s great to see the sun again, decided today looked like the right sort of conditions to recharge my battery’s and head off for an afternoons flying.
Radio control model flying that is, not those big things you sit in (not much for them) had a bad experience once, when I thought my head was going to explode with the pressure build up in my ears.
Never enjoyed the thought of going on holiday flights ever since.

I’m a payed up member of the Leek and Morlands Model Gliding Association and fly mainly at the club flying sites, but today I had no time to travel the 30 or so miles up to the club sites, so just had a quick trip up onto the Weaver Hills its nice up there on a calm day.


Thats me with my 4 meter wing span “Alpina” glider taken last year in the garden.

Dennis Holmes 2020 |Legal Mattters