CVR Steam Gala

Went to the Churnet Valley Railways annual steam gala on Sat 26 Feb got there nice and early purchased a trackside pass and all day train ticket took loads of photos at Cheddleton a nice one of a triple pulling out of the station.

Had a very nice trip from Cheddleton on the 10 o’clock something (trains were running late) up to Ipstones then back down to Consul with a quick visit to the Black Lion (not to be missed if you ever get up that way)

They had a beautiful smelling hog roast going on in the garden, as I’d already consumed two bacon cobs from the cafe at Cheddleton I thought it best to pass on the hog.

Took an erley afternoon train down to Froghall for some more snaps, followed by more coffee and cake in the platform cafe.

I spent about two hours around the Station area before catching a train back up to Cheddleton, all in all a really nice day.

My photos of the Gala Here

Looking forward to their 1940s event in April

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